About Chef 1 Studios

Posh, extravagant, painfully formal, stiff or impersonal; how many times have you attended events you could describe this way? Chef 1 Studios doesn’t believe an intimate event like an anniversary, bar mitzvah, birthday or wake should feel like an uncomfortable pre-teen cotillion. Looking to impress strangers with extravagant spending and white glove service? Look elsewhere because at Chef 1 Studios we believe that a warm and personal atmosphere with exceptional food and service at a reasonable price is the way to make a memorable event. We specialize in helping you have an event that defines intimate, one with a personal feeling, with a comfortable, casual and warm atmosphere were your guests can relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. Hosting a company event for clients? It is a proven fact that people prefer to do business with folks they can relate to. A relaxed and intimate event allows you to make personal connections with clients while they are comfortable and at ease; to see you at your best and really get to know people they will like and want to do business with.

At Chef 1 Studios and GrinCorp Catering we have passion for food and creativity. The chefs at GrinCorp concepts keep their offerings fresh and interesting, utilizing seasonal and different varieties of ingredients often. As a result, you will frequently see changes to our menus and new variations of our breads, salads, side items and sometimes our entrees. While you won’t see the same things over and over, we hope you will always find something new to enjoy and appreciate.