Chef 1 Studios - Business Casual Catering

Our “BC” catering is more than dumbed down formal catering or dressed up fast food; our menus were designed from scratch to be self service buffet style catering whose value far exceeds whatever else you may be used to receiving. Our menus were created with the needs of businesses and casual social events in mind; our model of "business casual catering" centers on value, variety and professional service. All Chef 1 Studios menus offer generous portions, quality ingredients and very professional service. Our chefs purvey and prepare each menu individually at our kitchen the old fashioned way; no steam tables, leftovers or factory made franchise "heat and serve" items. Our logo has a chef’s knife in it for a symbolic reason; we don’t open bags of premade foods and sauces with scissors, we use traditional culinary techniques like chopping, slicing, sautéing and roasting to make the meals we serve to your friends and clients. You can see, smell and taste the difference it makes and so will your guests.

We do all this at prices that fit well within most company or sales rep's budgets. How do we do it? With a team commitment to quality and a very specialized business model; we don't "also cater" by throwing restaurant food in a box or specialize in luau weddings, this is what we do. With the renewed interest in the culinary arts in today’s social and cultural scene you can set yourself apart from the crowd by providing traditionally prepared, healthy and delicious meals without the massed produced feel or preservatives and additives the “big box” caterers provide. One experience with Chef 1 Studios will convince you that ‘knife prepared” beats “opened with scissors” every time!

Call Chef 1 Studios today at 407-478-7789 so we can offer you a quick and free "catering consultation" to see how we can make your professional life more effective. We can even tailor a specific menu for you based on your budget or dietary needs and we offer great vegetarian alternatives to almost every menu item.