An Intimate Event Calls for Something Special

Intimate (adjective): characterized by warm friendship or a personally close association or feeling; suggesting informal warmth or privacy.

Chef 1 Studios is a different kind of event and catering business, a family owned and run local entity that sees the world a little differently than the other event companies. While others encourage you to spend more and more by convincing you that foolish spending and extravagance are keys to a great event, Chef 1 Studios uses a team approach, creativity and attention to detail to create an event that fits you to a tee. The idea that “every event is special” didn’t start at Chef 1 Studios but our focus on each event as an individual and unique occasion sets us apart from your normal everyday caterer. To us, individual attention to what you envision and reconciling your vision with your budget are the cornerstones of our business. 

Personal and Social Events

Catering and event service for events like graduation, confirmation, quinceañera or bar mitzvah, commemoration of anniversaries or important events like promotion or retirement or marking the passing of a loved one. Let us help you make a memorable intimate event with exceptional value.

Business or Corporate Events

Chef 1 Studios started as a business caterer and we are the experts at helping you accomplish whatever goal you have in mind for your event from garnering new clients, showing off a new product of facility, rewarding clients or team members or just networking with clients and industry partners. Let us show you how we excel in balancing your wants and needs with your budget and providing you with an event to remember at a price you won’t forget either.